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Strategic and Purposeful

I'm a strategic marketer that helps to drive compelling stories and build connections with users, consumers and partners. I've worked with big global Fortune 500 companies, but I've also worked in and with start-ups, early stage and late stage. 

I'm experienced, flexible, and agile. 


Brand Strategy

Long term vision with tactical solutions for day to day growth

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Campaigns, blogs and video. Oh my!


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The Path to Success


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RetailWire Contributor

Since 2017

How to Make a Retail Pop-up Shop Successful




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Building a Healthy Campaign

Feb 23, 2017

Why Do Your Job When Influencers Can Do It For You?





CoHost of This Commerce Life

A voice for small business. 75 episodes and counting!

20 Minutes of Influence

How Bark disrupted pet retail with a great customer experience…for dogs

Repeat Customer podcast, episode 7

The Next Generation of Commerce + Community

Host of Hubba Radio, now Shelfspace

Host of Hubba' Retail Radio



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Global Pet 2020:
Learn how to build a great experiential moment and make money at it

Presented on Feb 27th with Kenny Vannucci (@kootenayborn)
Everyone is talking about experiential marketing. In this session, start with your in-store (virtual or brick and mortar) experiential opportunities and learn how to build it with return on investment in mind. Surprise and delight for the consumer doesn’t mean losing money for you the retailer.

Global Pet 2020:
A Marketing Plan. Not just socials.

Presented February 28th
Businesses are focused on social media, but is done properly, your content is used for more than just social media. It should drive a whole communication strategy.